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New customers can enjoy the first hour free! That's right, all new customers can enjoy one free hour of computer service or consultation as long as this offer lasts.

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Have a custom built PC to do exactly what ou want it to do, not what you are limited to! Call about having yours custom built for you today!

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| W E L C O M E |

Thank you for choosing Quality Computers for your computer needs. Browse our site and feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.


| Web-designing |
Websites can boost sales for your business or can keep a loved one across the country in touch while they are away. Your website will be tailored to your needs whether business or personal. Check into our webdesigning prices today.

| Computer Repair |
Viruses, spyware and malware are only some of the reasons computers slow down. Over time, general maintenance should be done to keep your computer running as good as it should. Sign up for a regular "check up" every 3, 6 or 12 months to be sure your computer is up to speed. Enjoy a 50% discount if any work is needed while under our maintenance program.

| Phone Support |
Your business doesn't have to stop just because your network or hardware may be down. 24 hour support is just a phone call away. Sign up for our phone support program.

| New Computers |
Whether you are a gamer looking for the newest and fastest custom computer possible or someone looking for an affordable laptop only to browse the internet, you have come to the right place. Enjoy our local support - That can't be beat! Call for a quote or check out our prices with FREE SHIPPING!

| Preowned Computers |
Preowned computers have become more popular recently with the increase of first time users looking for an efficient means of computing. The computers have been cleaned and offer a local warranty, that's right, local!!!

| Networking |
OK, you have 2 desktop computers and a laptop and you really want to be able to backup files to the other or print from all three. This can be done and without spending a fortune. Busniesses, don't forget about security when it come to your network being setup. Make sure a QUALIFIED individual set your network up, your customers' information is at risk if not.

| Wireless Technology |
Why worry with unsightly, costly and time consuming wires during installation of your network. Considering wireless? That's great!!! Just be sure you know the risk and please consider having a qualified professional set this network up.

| Training / Tutoring |
Want to know how to use Vista? Quickbooks? Internet? Maybe you "know about security" but you wouldn't mind learning more.

| Business Residential |
Business and residential customers have several things in common when it comes to computer needs. It needs to be SECURE, RELIABLE and FAST. Call us today so you can fall into all three categories.

| Contact Us |
Contact us for free estimates, quotes, warranty or technical information.


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| A+ Certified | The A+ certification is an industry standard of professional computer technicians. CompTIA provides the testing and standards. The test and certification are both reconized at the national level. At Quality Computers, you are in safe hands with the A+ certification!


Quality Computers has had consultant experience with small companies and Fortune 500 companies such as:

| Authorized Reseller |


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